Instantly engage with all your customers

Broadcast to thousands in seconds

About Us

A team of experienced professionals in the Telecommunications and Media space

Innovocom provides you with a powerful mobile marketing and communication solution that enables you to connect with a large number of customers on their mobile phones. Meet your business goals effortlessly by customising mobile marketing campaigns with surveys and promotions.

Our Services

We bring forward-thinking communication solutions to start-ups and growing businesses

Greater audience reach

Reach customers wherever they are via a single API, whether you’re sending text messages for alerts, reminders, marketing or to engage them, Innovocom makes it effortless and efficient.

Customised languages

Send marketing messages, notifications and surveys in various languages.

Easy to use engagement platform

Tailor, synchronise and program your campaigns via an API or let us manage your campaigns for you.

Whether you have 100's or 1000's of customers, Innovocom develops targeted solutions that enable SME’s to access services limited today to larger entities

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